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Spring 2019 Student Investment Fund Members


I started the student investment fund to provide students, primarily finance majors, with an opportunity to make investment decisions involving real money. Since its inception, over 300 students have participated in determining the portfolio’s allocation and selecting individual securities to buy and sell. This process has improved the participants’ analytical and presentation skills. When the fund started, the S&P 500 stood at 1480. Today, approximately 17 years later, the index stands at almost 2700 for an annualized return of approximately 3.6 percent. It has been a challenging environment in which to make investments. Through continued contributions from alumni, dividend and interest income, price appreciation in specific stocks, and the magic of compounding, the value of the fund has grown to over $500,000.

Beginning in 2014, the fund adopted a policy of “give back” to the community. Entering freshman from Ewing Township were awarded a one-­‐time payment that ranged from $500 -­‐ $1,000. While the amount of these gifts will vary each year, increased success by the student portfolio managers should lead to larger distributions  to  students  from  our community.

I invite you to contribute to the fund. To make a contribution, please use the form provided in this report.

Herbert Mayo
Professor of Finance